Well-known company for its Amazon success in the U.S. chose Your Amazon Partners as its partner for Europe operations

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Your Amazon Partners will be responsible for Four Sigmatic’s European operations related to the Amazon Online Stores. The companies signed a cooperation agreement in early 2022.

Four Sigmatic offers its customers high-quality functional foods.Dozens of products in the product range meet the different needs of consumers and are the most nutritious in content as well as the most researched products in the world. The high quality of the products is also reflected in the company’s high customer satisfaction and product reviews.

Four Sigmatic is well-known for its success in the U.S. and Canadian e-commerce markets. The company has a long line of experience in Amazon business, which in turn contributed to the emergence of a partnership with Your Amazon Partners.

“Doing Amazon properly takes a lot of resources and time. In the past, we were not ready to invest in Europe because the cost was too high compared to the North American market. The expansion of Amazon’s online stores in Europe and now finding the right partner, eventually led us to invest and enter the European market strongly”, Mikael Mäkinen, one of the founders of Four Sigmatic, says.

The United States will remain the main market for Four Sigmatic, but expectations for Europe are high, especially for the company’s new functional plant proteins as well as the already well-known mushroom coffees. Reachability of consumers and proper communication of products in different languages are seen as very important for the company in Europe.

The information obtained through a familiar reference, convinced Four Sigmatic of the expertise of Your Amazon Partners. Later, the approach and professionalism of Your Amazon Partners convinced Four Sigmatic management.

“There was no attempt to convince us with an over-optimistic attitude or cheeky sales forecasts and from the outset, YAP’s work was convincing with its analytical and professional approach. This was also important for us in terms of our investment, that we are on a realistic basis in terms of costs and returns”, says Mäkinen.

“This was a very positive surprise for us. We did not believe that companies operating in the United States were already interested in YAP’s service concept. Here we were completely wrong and this collaboration has already opened up to us other interested U.S. companies. Cooperation with Four Sigmatic will also be a significant part of our own growth strategy, which has been streamlined in the company over the past year. Innovative products have a great appeal in the European market, which we recognized early on, and as a result, the atmosphere is very happy and expectations are high for cooperation. ”, Your Amazon Partners’s CEO Viljami Frank says. 


Additional information and contacts:

Viljami Frank
CEO, Your Amazon Partners
+358 44 263 7012